Welcome to Reaching Out

We called out for help, for someone to erase the pain that shackled our hearts and bound our souls, but we were alone.
No one ever came.

The great rift that cleaved our heart in two, the cataclysm of rejection and discord began to destroy not only our hearts, but eroded our souls. We lost our identity and purpose. We slowly felt our strength slipping away, leaving us weak and afraid. We sat huddled up, wrapping our arms around ourselves, as if to give ourselves comfort, with tears rolling down our cold faces.

The Earth roared as thunder bellowed across the darkened skies, and then the rain came. The lonely tears of the sky fell, as if to mirror our grown grief, dampening the land around us.

The world was so empty and alone. That was when you came. You placed your arm on our shoulders and the light of the sun broke free. You took us by the hand and guided us to a place where we could heal. A place where people loved and cared. That place is Reaching Out.

Previously known as Rainbows End, Reaching Out is a specifically designed online platform that provides support  to anyone experiencing loneliness, bereavement or mental health struggles .   The services include support and access to our online forum, secret closed groups, and private chat where you can meet new people who have overcome difficult periods in
their lives.

Reaching Out is a fully managed online service that provides support to all members, helping them through the transition into a better life.

Reaching Out is all about you. You have the opportunity to meet new people all over the world, engage in exciting discussions on our unique and helpful Reaching Out Forum and become part of our close community.

Reaching Out all over the World